Himalayan animal salt products

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Certified Pakistan Animal Salt Licks Exporter Worldwide

HMC Salt offers a variety of Himalayan salt licks high in quality, natural, and handcrafted. We are the leading producers and exporters of animal salt lick from Pakistan. Also, our salt offers animal minerals and other nutrients that meals cannot provide. As a prominent Pakistan Animal Salt Licks Exporter, we feel that we should be able to provide high-quality animal salt licks to people worldwide. So, get all varieties of salt crafts are available for export with prompt delivery.

We Are The Best Exporter of Animal Lick Salt

Farmers worldwide want animals to lick salt blocks for their horses and other livestock. And for that reason, we at HMC Salt provide the best salt block for animal licking of the highest quality because it is said to be a cure for them.

Unfortunately, people do not give much concentration to it. However, salt is essential for natural life, pets, and terrestrial creatures and has vital minerals. Animals have a strong desire for salt, ensuring that they avoid the adverse effects of illness and have well-functioning reproductive and immune systems.

Get 100% of the Finest Quality Of Salt Lick for your animals.

Himalayan Salt Lick is a natural product for horses, cows, and other animals. Therefore, we get these Salt Lick from the Himalayan mountains and ensure the best quality. Moreover, it is mineral-rich for your horse’s balanced iron, potassium, and magnesium intake. These weather-resistant salt licks save your horse from biting off pieces and endure for a long time. Each comes with a drilled hole and a rope for hanging. Also, it has a hole in the center through which you can insert the secure the lick. Individually wrapped, packed in cartons, and bulk packaging is all options. All sizes up to 10 kg are available.

Benefits of Animal Lick Salt

HMC Salt Pakistan Animal Salt Licks Exporter provides various forms and sizes, natural salt blocks, and pieces. Don’t hesitate to contact our professional team if you have any commercial inquiries. Also, we are interested in building business ties with retailers and distributors worldwide.

Further, the purest salt is rock salt, mines in the Himalayan foothills. Over 84 trace elements bind this natural source of Rock Salt, making it rock hard and giving it a pink/red tint. Different from regular salt licks and cattle lick salt blocks.

Moreover, we provide a salt lick for animals at a fair price to satisfy our consumers. So, get the best offer of fine salt blocks and premium quality.

They have some advantages:

  • Improves cow digestibility
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Optimizes nutrient content
  • Best source of bioenergetics
  • Increases milk production by 5-15 percent (12.8 percent)
  • Helps animals in developing silky, healthy coats
  • Improves animals in hardening their hooves
  • Restores salt lost by animals sweating in hot weather